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indigenous craft cannabis




Canada's first Indigenous micro-cultivator
licensed by Health Canada.

Pow Wow by Sugar Cane Cannabis is Canada's first Indigenous micro-cultivator licensed by Health Canada. We are proud to be owned and operated by Indigenous people from Williams Lake, British Columbia. Our mission is to provide high-quality, sustainably grown cannabis that respects our ancestors' land, people, and traditional values.


We strive to create a positive impact in our communities by creating jobs and economic opportunities for Indigenous people, and every sale supports the Indigenous people of Williams Lake.


Our goal is to provide a safe and reliable source of medicinal and recreational cannabis products to our customers while also preserving and celebrating our culture and traditions.

pow wow indigenous craft cannabis
pow wow indigenous craft cannabis apparel


At Pow Wow by Sugar Cane Cannabis, we're proud to offer a unique and high-quality range of Pow Wow apparel. Our clothing is made from premium materials, ensuring that you look great and feel comfortable in our products. We offer a variety of sizes to guarantee that everyone can find their perfect fit.

Our designs are bold, fun, and edgy, featuring various colours and graphics. We are passionate about celebrating Indigenous and cannabis culture, and our apparel reflects this commitment. By wearing Pow Wow apparel, you become part of a community that values the power of cannabis in bringing people together.

Pow Wow apparel is not just about style; it's also a conversation starter. Wearing our clothing shows your support for the cannabis community and encourages dialogue about the benefits of cannabis. We aim to foster understanding and appreciation of Indigenous and cannabis culture through eye-catching and meaningful designs.

So, wear Pow Wow apparel with pride, and join us in supporting Indigenous communities and celebrating the wonderful world of cannabis. Together, we can make a difference and look great doing it!



Canada’s First indigenous micro-cultivator licensed by Health Canada
Sustainable cultivation + Hand Trimmed + Naturally Cured + Hang Dried.
We are wholly owned by Williams Lake First Nation.
All sales support our community.
sugar cane cannabis grow facility
pow wow indigenous craft cannabis in a weed grinder


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